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Indian Style Fruit Salad

Pujas are a routine part of life in India. A puja is ceremonial prayer ritual performed to honor a deity, or to spiritually celebrate an event (so now you know what my name means).

Pistachio Halwa recipe by

Bombay Halwa (Karachi Halwa)

It’s national pistachio day! How exciting is that? Pistachios are wind pollinated as opposed to bee pollinated. Did you know that it take only one male tree to pollinate up to 30 female trees?

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Mango Rus (Keri no Rus)

I was lucky enough to have spent part of my childhood on a mango farm where my family grew the prized Alphonso mango. As kids we would ride around the farm on a bullock cart (ox cart) and stockpile mangoes for later. When we were older, my brother and I would spend all day running… Continue reading Mango Rus (Keri no Rus)