Dudhi chana nu shaak

Dudhi Channa nu Shaak Recipe

Dudhi channa nu shaak is a staple Gujarati shaak (subzi) made from dudhi, which is a type of squash. Dudhi is known as bottle gourd or opo squash in english, and lauki in Hindi. Dudhi is a type of squash that should be eaten young while the flesh is still soft. It’s called “bottle gourd”… Continue reading Dudhi Channa nu Shaak Recipe

Bowl of Dal Fry

Dal Fry

Dal fry is an essential Indian Dal. To many of us, it is just great, hearty, warm comfort food. It is an example of dhaba food. Dhaba are roadside stalls, or truck stops, that serve mainly comfort food for the weary traveler. Dal fry is made with simple ingredients. In this recipe, I make it… Continue reading Dal Fry

Tindora nu shaak

Tindora nu Shaak

Tindora nu Shaak is an example of a typical Gujarati recipe. This is a simple recipe, the way my mother makes it. The simplicity keeps the emphasis on the tindora and lets the tindora shine. This shaak is sometimes served as part of a Gujarati thali. Tindora is a neat little vegetable, common in India… Continue reading Tindora nu Shaak