Dry bhel - An Indian street food favorite with puffed rice, sev, red onions and more

Dry Bhel (Sukhi Bhel)

The best way to travel in India has to be by train. The one positive thing everyone can agree British Colonialism did for India was building the extensive railway system in the second half of the 19th century. The Indian Railway runs over 10,000 trains everyday. Express trains that go over long distances are nothing… Continue reading Dry Bhel (Sukhi Bhel)

Chili Paneer by Indiaphile.info

Chili Paneer and Indian-Chinese Cuisine

My brother hated pretty much all food except Indian-Chinese when we were younger. Every time we were home alone for dinner, he’d call the local Chinese place for delivery. We’d happily eat our fusion meals together in front of the TV…not something we could do if our parents were home.