Lychee Lemonade Video

The vibrant and refreshing floral flavors of lychee and zesty lemon in this easy-to-make Lychee Lemonade.

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Let's make lemonade. I'm using canned lychees here. Frozen lychees or even fresh leeches work really well as well. I like to use canned because leeches are seasonal, and I can't always count on having access to fresh lychees. I like to use the canned lychees that are in sugar sirup. I've also used lychees that are in a xylitol syrup, and I'm not a huge fan of those, but you could certainly use those as well. But I have the sugar syrup lychees here. First, I'm going to take a few lychees out for garnish, so I'm just going to take about six or seven. But those aside and the rest of the lychees, along with all of the syrup, go straight into a blender. Okay. Now I'm going to add the lemon juice. So I'm going to measure the lemon juice. Looks good. About three quarters of a cup of lemon juice. Set that aside and then I have half a lemon left over. I had four lemons. It always takes a different amount of lemon juice to get to the same quantity of lemon juice. But since I have a half lemon left, I am just going to slice it up to make it look nice and add the lemon juice to the blender with the lychees blend. Okay, Once that is nicely blended, add in the ice and water and blend again. Okay. There it is. I do like a little bit of salt in my lemonade because I grew up drinking Indian lemonade. So I'm just going to add a little pinch of it and then you can sweeten this a little more, if you like. So I have it. I have two tablespoons of sugar here, and I'm just going to add those in and blend it. Okay. Now, to assemble the lemonade, so I'm going to add some ice to the pitcher just add the lemon slices, the lychees and the blended lemonade. So now I have going to lemonade. It's pretty creamy looking and that's because of the lychee. You can strain this out if you don't want it to look so creamy. But the Vitamix does a really good job of blending it so that there aren't any chunks. So I like it like this. So pouring some into a glass. And there it is. Lychee lemonade.

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