Lemon Rice

Chitranna (Lemon Rice)

Lemon Rice is a classic South Indian dish that provides a real punch of flavor without requiring too many ingredients. “Lemon Rice” is also called “Chitranna” in Kannada or “Nimmakaya polihora” in Telugu. This one is serious comfort food in many South Indian homes. I’ve most commonly had Chitranna when visiting temples and restaurants. Rice is… Continue reading Chitranna (Lemon Rice)

Mushroom Biryani

Mushroom biryani is an easy, one-pot vegetarian meal, perfect for a weekday dinner. A well-made biryani is fragrant and spicy. The balance of flavors and various textures make for a satisfying meal. This version uses mushrooms to obtain the texture and umami balance of traditional biryani. For the most part, mushroom have not historically been… Continue reading Mushroom Biryani

Pulao - Indian Pilaf by Indiaphile.info

Pulao Recipe (Indian Rice Pilaf)

Rice Pilaf is ubiquitous across most of the world’s cuisines. This is probably because it is such a great dish for large gatherings. Making a large pot of rice pilaf is not much more difficult than making a small pot.