Bowl of Dal Fry

Dal Fry

Dal fry is an essential Indian Dal. To many of us, it is just great, hearty, warm comfort food. It is an example of dhaba food. Dhaba are roadside stalls, or truck stops, that serve mainly comfort food for the weary traveler. Dal fry is made with simple ingredients. In this recipe, I make it… Continue reading Dal Fry

Dal Tadka

Dal Tadka

Dal Tadka is a rich, creamy dal made with a mix of lentils. It is very similar to Dal Fry. Both are made with a preparation of lentils and oil from a vaghar. In fact, the recipes are so similar with all of the different variations out there, it is hard to nail down what… Continue reading Dal Tadka

Goan Coconut Dal

Goan Coconut Dal

Goan Coconut Dal, Goan Varan, or simply Goan Dal, is a simple but flavorful dal from the tropical state of Goa. “Varan” is the word for dal in Marathi and Konkani, the language of Goa. Goan Coconut Dal is often part of the food cooked for Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesh’s birthday celebration. During Ganesh Chaturthi, people… Continue reading Goan Coconut Dal

Tomato Dal

Tomato Dal (Tomato Pappu)

Tomato Dal, or “Tomato Pappu,” is a tangy comfort food dish from Andhra Pradesh. It gets its tanginess and depth from the mix of tomatoes and tamarind. This mix of tomatoes and tamarind is a classic combination in food from Andhra Pradesh. You will often find Tomato Dal served at weddings in Andhra Pradesh. The… Continue reading Tomato Dal (Tomato Pappu)

moong dal in a white bowl garnished with raw red onion and cilantro with a side of rice and naan

Moong Dal Recipe

Moong dal (also known as mung dhal or mag ni dal) is the mung bean split into half. It is a staple across the Indian subcontinent and other parts of Asia. In fact there is evidence of the lentil being widely cultivated in India over 3,000 years ago. Now, that’s one ancient bean! Today, moong… Continue reading Moong Dal Recipe

Gujarati Dal - the flavors of this are a delicate balance of spicy, sweet and sour.

My Grandma’s Gujarati Dal

Dal was a big part of my childhood. Pretty much every time my grandma cooked for us, there was dal. And she cooked for us a lot. My grandma’s Gujarati dal was different than my mom’s. While mom’s was spicy and comforting, grandma’s dal had a whole different flavor profile. Grandma’s dal was traditional Gujarati… Continue reading My Grandma’s Gujarati Dal