Paneer and Caramelized Onion Rustic Pie


When I was in my late teens, I worked for a bakery in downtown Disney. The bakery sold a caramelized onion and feta tart that was simply divine. That job did not work out for me and I quit within a month, but I never forgot the taste of that tart. I tried to look up recipes for a similar tart but most of the online versions didn’t taste the same. I made some with egg  and that wasn’t right. I knew that what I wanted was a lot simpler than that.

Holi the Festival of Colors


This weekend I celebrated Holi in the US for the first time. You know how there are those things that you always want to do but somehow it just never works out? For years I’ve completely missed Holi, each time realizing days later that I had overlooked it yet again! This year, I was thrilled to be able to smear color all over Steve’s face and cover his hair in patches of green and yellow!

Baked Pears: A Healthy Dessert

Baked Pears recipe by

January is over and that diet Puja and I were on is finally over. It was a tough 30 days, but we are pretty happy with our results. I lost nearly 15 pounds last month.

I’m not going to say we ate perfectly every day, but we did stick to it pretty close to 100%, eating almost entirely a fruit and vegetable diet, eggs, zero bread and healthy oils, no processed foods. So of course we pigged out on Super Bowl Sunday!

Jeera Chicken Wings (Cumin Chicken Wings)

Cumin Chicken Wings recipe by

The Super Bowl is coming up already. That means it’s about time for one of my favorite things… Chicken Wings!

I went to lunch with a couple of my co-workers on Friday and the conversation eventually ended up at football, as it so often does. They started talking about their Super Bowl plans and I, oblivious as always about the game, asked when is it and who’s playing? My silly question got me laughed at pretty hard because it is only a week away. How could I not know know is playing?

Indian Spiced Roasted Sweet Potatoes to Welcome in 2015

Indian spiced roasted sweet potatoes with ghee
Happy New Year everyone!

What are your designs for 2015? Puja and I are jumping into the weight loss thing. It seems like every year we gain a few more pounds over the previous year, lose it, then over the course of the year gain it back with a couple of extra pounds to boot.

We have finally become motivated to do something about it (again). This time we are (loosely) basing our diet on the whole30 diet, but with a lot of our own personalizations. Over the years, the diet that has always worked best for me can sound a little extreme. But I find it really easy to follow because I get to eat a lot, whenever I’m hungry. Why? Because no matter how many vegetables you eat, you will get full before you consume too many calories. But that’s an oversimplification. I eat a lot of fruits and nuts too. Eating constantly (and avoiding sugar) staves of hunger and cravings.

Ginger Chai Spice Cookies


Cookies are my favorite thing about the holidays. I love to bake them and share them with friends and family. This year I almost didn’t get around to the holiday baking though. Since we spend Thanksgiving and the two following weeks in India, it didn’t even feel like the holidays to me.

Urban Animals of India

A woman and some street dogs in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

“What has been your favorite part of India so far?” a friend of Puja’s asked me over dinner at an Italian restaurant in Mumbai.

An innocent question, but essentially unanswerable. We had been in Mumbai nearly a week and crammed so much into each day. A million things came to mind, Elephanta Caves, or riding the rickshaws, or “seeing where Puja grew up,” but I didn’t answer any of these. I barely hesitated. “The animals,” I said. I knew it wasn’t the sort of response she was looking for. And I had tried to think of something better but stopped myself. I’m the same guy who only days earlier had told a Bollywood radio program host that no, I don’t really like Bollywood music. Sorry. She had asked.

Walnut Bars (Burfi) for Diwali

Gluten-free Walnut Bars (Walnut Burfi)

Happy Diwali!

Today is one of India’s most celebrated and well-known holidays, Diwali – The Festival of Lights. Diwali goes on for five days. It is a celebration of the triumph of Light over Dark, Good over Evil. On the lunar calendar, it begins on the day of the new moon, when the waning moon begins to wax– when the light side reappears.

Slow Cooker Masoor Dal

Slow Cooker Masoor Dal

Why haven’t we posted in a while? For the simple reason I think most of you are all too familiar. Life gets busy!

Even though I love to cook, it’s been so hard at the end of the day to get it together to make something interesting, and to photograph it, and to write it up. So it only makes sense that my first post after this little unplanned mini-break is a slow cooker recipe!