My Grandma’s Gujarati Dal

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Dal was a big part of my childhood. Pretty much every time my grandma cooked for us, there was dal. And she cooked for us a lot. Her dal was different than my mom’s. While mom’s dal was spicy and comforting, grandma’s dal had a whole different flavor profile. Grandma’s dal was sweet and spicy and tangy all at the same time.
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Super Easy Chana Masala

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Nearly two years ago, Puja and I started kicking around the idea for an Indian food and culture blog. We tossed back and forth ideas but they stayed off the page for a while. Finally I just sat down, set up some skeleton of a website that I barely remember. To really get it started, as our first post I put together a recipe for Chana Masala. I chose Chana Masala because it’s easy, it’s delicious and it’s the dish I’m always the one in our house to make. Can you believe we didn’t even take pictures for the post? [Read more...]

The Star of India


On a small boardwalk in San Diego, where locals run and tourists from nearby hotels stroll, sits a small but persistent piece of British Indian history. It is one of San Diego’s more underappreciated attractions, the Maritime Museum of San Diego. The Maritime Museum is comprised of a number of functioning ships, from the 1898 replica steamship Berkeley, to a decomissioned Russian submarine. But the real flagship, the one that got the museum started is this little piece of British-Indian history and is one of the oldest sailing ships left in the world, the Star of India. [Read more...]

Guava Mint Cocktail with Rye Whiskey

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We ate a lot of guavas while growing up in Mumbai. We called them peru, their Marathi name, because that’s what the street vendors called them (the Hindi name is Amrood and the Gujarati name is Jamphal). As the weather started to cool down, the streets would start to flood with guava vendors. Everywhere you look, there were men pushing carts with giant piles of guavas and women carrying baskets full of guavas on their heads. [Read more...]

Jeera (Cumin) Rice

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When I was about 11, I developed an obsession with this rice. I refused to eat anything unless this rice was on my plate. I quickly learned to make it v for myself and got a good three month period made it nightly. Often, when I was being picky and didn’t want to eat the family dinner, I would just have this rice and some yogurt for dinner. [Read more...]

Coconut Chai Hot Chocolate

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A few days ago I was talking to my mom and she mentioned that the past few days had felt like living in India. She is totally right, it’s rained so much that it almost felt like the monsoons. Non-stop all day long rain is so very rare in Southern California. I love the rain though. While it was raining, I sat out on our balcony all morning with the babies (the dog and cat who spend more time on the balcony than either Steve or I) and watched the rain pour down. I was nostalgic.

I remembered the warm monsoon rain and going for walks at my boarding school in rain so heavy that we couldn’t see more than 5 feet in front of us.
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Indian Style Boiled Peanuts

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Our dear friends M and V are expecting a little baby boy soon. We drove up to Redlands for their baby shower yesterday and had a great time playing baby shower games and catching up with friends from college that we don’t see often enough. Steve won a round of baby memory and I won a different game by guessing the exact width of V’s stomach! After we helped clean up a little, a couple of our friends invited us to check out Hanger 24, a local brewery that they are really fond of. [Read more...]