Gujarati Dal - the flavors of this are a delicate balance of spicy, sweet and sour.

My Grandma’s Gujarati Dal


Dal was a big part of my childhood. Pretty much every time my grandma cooked for us, there was dal. And she cooked for us a lot. My grandma’s Gujarati dal was different than my mom’s. While mom’s was spicy and comforting, grandma’s dal had a whole different flavor profile. Grandma’s dal was traditional Gujarati… Continue reading My Grandma’s Gujarati Dal

Sweet Potato Fenugreek Saute

Shakariya Methi nu Shaak (Sweet Potato Fenugreek Saute)

Shaak (Subzi or Curry) » Dry Shaak

Although many people probably haven’t heard of it, Fenugreek (known as methi in Hindi) is a very common ingredient in Indian food. Fenugreek imparts a very characteristic savory flavor that is slightly bitter but very delicious. Fenugreek doesn’t really taste a lot like maple, but it is used by many companies to give artificial maple… Continue reading Shakariya Methi nu Shaak (Sweet Potato Fenugreek Saute)