Kahaani Movie Poster

Kahaani (2008)

Kahaani is a pretty solid mystery thriller. It starts with a chemical terrorist attack that kills all the passengers on a particular train car. Then we cut forward two years and a pregnant woman is searching for her husband who has gone missing in Kolkata (Calcutta).

The Dirty Picture movie poster

The Dirty Picture

“Is she vamp or victim?” the gossip columnists Nayla asks, “which should I label her?” The Dirty Picture is based on the true story of South Indian softcore actress, Silk Smitha, who attained great popularity in the 1980s. She succeeds in the film industry by being neither fully in control nor fully controlled by the… Continue reading The Dirty Picture

Junglee Movie Poster

Junglee – Hindi Movie Classic

Who is junglee (uncultured, wild)? Is it the mannered, wealthy people who live lives according to the rules of society, who suppress all joy and happiness in exchange for great riches. Or those of less wealth, who are less restricted by society, who are capable of experiencing joy, happiness and love? Junglee means ill-mannered or… Continue reading Junglee – Hindi Movie Classic

Well Done Abba movie poster

Movie Review: Well Done Abba!

Well Done Abba is a delightful farcical comedy about corruption in India. Armaan Ali (Boman Irani) is a chauffeur in Mumbai who returns to his village near Hyderabad to get his daughter married. He planned to go back for a month, but ends up staying for three months. When he get to his village, he… Continue reading Movie Review: Well Done Abba!

Band Bajaa Baaraat (Wedding Planners) movie poster

Movie Review Monday: Band Baaja Baaraat (“Wedding Planners”)

Perhaps to us Westerners, India is best known for it’s outlandish weddings full of bright colors, bright lights and many days of dancing, partying and celebrating. It should be no surprise that many of the best movies to come out of India have to do with these great parties.

Indian Film Review: Hostel

Hostel is probably the first Indian movie I’ve watched without Puja. I picked it because it’s about a serious social issue in India and I thought it could teach me something about the culture and it’s values. My hope was since it was about a serious topic, and not one of the standard premises of… Continue reading Indian Film Review: Hostel