Sholay movie poster

Sholay: A Bollywood Classic


Sholay opens to a train arriving at a station leading to a scene of two men riding on horseback across a rocky landscape that could easily be the old American Southwest. Interspersed with the horseback riding are shots of of a village that could also be from that time and place, but for an architectural… Continue reading Sholay: A Bollywood Classic

Fire Movie Poster

Fire (1996 film)


Fire was the first Indian movie Puja ever showed me. It was her way of introducing me to some of India’s cultural issues that mean so much to her. In 1996, Fire was an extremely controversial film. Fundamentalist groups in India overran movie theaters, destroyed movie posters and forced moviegoers to leave while making sure… Continue reading Fire (1996 film)

Kahaani Movie Poster

Kahaani (2008)


Kahaani is a pretty solid mystery thriller. It starts with a chemical terrorist attack that kills all the passengers on a particular train car. Then we cut forward two years and a pregnant woman is searching for her husband who has gone missing in Kolkata (Calcutta).

The Dirty Picture movie poster

The Dirty Picture


“Is she vamp or victim?” the gossip columnists Nayla asks, “which should I label her?” The Dirty Picture is based on the true story of South Indian softcore actress, Silk Smitha, who attained great popularity in the 1980s. She succeeds in the film industry by being neither fully in control nor fully controlled by the… Continue reading The Dirty Picture

Hippie Masala Movie Poster

Movie: Hippie Masala


In the 1960s, many Westerners flocked to India on a spiritual journey. Most left after weeks or months. Hippie Masala is about the ones who stayed. The sixties were such a defining period in American history, sometimes it’s easy to forget that it was a movement that happened worldwide. The hippie counterculture really peaked, as… Continue reading Movie: Hippie Masala