Lemon Cumin Salt

Cumin and Lemon Salt

I love cumin! It is my favorite savory spice and probably the most used spice in Indian cuisine. I love it in tomato soup, on roasted vegetables and of course in my curries. Last week, the Splendid Table podcast featured Sally Schneider who made an herb salt with garlic and rosemary. Schneider talked about how salt is a… Continue reading Cumin and Lemon Salt

Guar Chaak

Eating Guar, As In Guar Gum

Last weekend I got an unexpected lesson in food science when Puja and I went for lunch at her parents house. Sometimes I feel like a freak because I not only read ingredient lists on food packaging, but I make an effort to understand what the more mysterious products are and why they are in… Continue reading Eating Guar, As In Guar Gum

Tomato Chutney Bruschetta

Tomato chutney was a special Sunday treat when I was at boarding school. My friend A, whose parents taught at the school, would let our group of four friends know that mom was making some tomato chutney later. We would quietly sneak up to their place (we had to be sneaky because we weren’t allowed… Continue reading Tomato Chutney Bruschetta

Stuffed Okra (Bharela Bhinda)

There is no vegetable quite like Okra (Bhendi in Hindi, Bhinda in Gujarati, also known as Lady’s Finger in English). My very favorite okra dish is a bharela bhinda nu shaak. Most people have strong opinions about the slimy vegetable – they either love it or hate it. If it isn’t obvious by the fact… Continue reading Stuffed Okra (Bharela Bhinda)

Chickpea Stew (Chana Masala)

Chana Masala is the first Indian dish I learned to prepare all by myself. And if you’ve never cooked Indian food before, it’s not a bad place to start. Using the easiest method, you can make it in about fifteen minutes. “Chana” is Hindi for garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas), and “Masala” is Hindi for mixture. You will… Continue reading Chickpea Stew (Chana Masala)