Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranate Salad

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I picked up an old yellowed copy of the Joy of Cooking at a library book sale in Arlington years ago. It was such an old copy that it even has a section on how to prepare game. I remember jumping past the part where it teaches you to skin a hare. Steve eventually bought me a new copy for my birthday that is much more up to date and reflects more modern cooking. It even has a recipe for naan in it that Steve used for a while. (more…)

How to make a Paratha: An Everyday Indian Flat Bread

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When I was growing up, parathas were a staple in my household. Parathas are unleavened Indian flat bread that are much thinner than naan and thicker than roti (also known as a rotli or chapati). My mom made them all the time. She’d make basic ones like I’ve made today; or she would throw in spices, vegetables or greens she had on hand to add flavor or make them healthier; or on occasion she’d even stuff them with a potato or cheese filling. They were all delicious! I love them so much that I will happily just eat a paratha plain with a little butter, yogurt or pickle. (more…)

Indian Spiced Baked Mini Apples

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A couple of weeks ago Steve and I went up to Los Angeles for a Halloween party my brother and his friends threw. While we were up there we visited Steve’s grandfather in Pasadena. Down the street from him we noticed a garage sale going on. As food bloggers, we’re always on the lookout for props and often stop in on garage sales we happen by. We found a great little copper bowl, a few tart pans and the people having it were so nice, they threw in a couple of marble tiles for free. (more…)

Batata Vada (Spicy Potato Fritters)

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These spicy potato fritters are one of my go to recipes when I’m cooking for a crowd. I made them recently for my birthday party. They are an easy to eat finger food and taste great served warm or at room temperature. There are two ways I like to make them: Mumbai style with garlic or the Gujarati way, without garlic. My mom makes them the Gujarati way, except she adds onions which most people do not. I like to add pomegranate arils to both recipes because they add a nice sweet and tangy contrast to the spicy potato, but these are optional.

Butter Paneer (Paneer Makhani)

Paneer Makhani recipe at Ten years ago, tomorrow, I went to Las Vegas with a club I was in in college. It was my 21st birthday. Some of the group decided they wanted to go clubbing. The rest of us wanted to go to the big Oktoberfest event the hotel was having. They had a giant tent, huge beer steins, Hoffbrau on tap and an actual German band from Germany wearing lederhosen and playing pub songs all night. This was also the first time I hung out with Steve. I had met Steve a couple of times before this but hadn’t really given him much thought. Our German friend, C, made friends with the band and we requested songs all night and danced on the tables to their music. It was so much fun! (more…)

Chai Spiced Pumpkin Bundt Cake

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October is the best month of the year! It’s is a month full of celebrations for me and my family. My birthday is in less than two weeks. My grandma, late grandpa, aunt, and uncle also have October birthdays. And to top if off, my parent’s wedding anniversary comes later in the month.  (more…)

Mango Rus (Keri no Rus)

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I was lucky enough to have spent part of my childhood on a mango farm where my family grew the prized Alphonso mango. As kids we would ride around the farm on a bullock cart (ox cart) and stockpile mangoes for later. When we were older, my brother and I would spend all day running through the farm and playing games where some of the trees were imaginary friends. (more…)

Citrus and Curry Leaf Shortbread Cookies

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My mom just got back from a two month long trip to India. I always miss her when she goes because it is so difficult just to call her. The time zone in India is 12 and a half hours ahead, so I can usually only call her early in the morning or late at night.

As always, she brought back tons of goodies for the family. She brought back a bunch of Indian clothes, sweets and jewelry for us. She brought me a beautiful green sari and a white and maroon chaniya choli– a three piece outfit consisting of a long skirt, a short top and a scarf. She brought outfits for Steve as well. I am super excited about our new clothes and looking forward to wearing them next month when we go dancing for the nine nights of Navratri. (See last year’s post on Navratri) (more…)

Five Minute Mango Chili Sorbet

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The last few days have been miserably hot in San Diego. When the weather gets really hot like this I like to make sorbet to cool down with. It’s so easy to make with just a little frozen fruit and some yogurt.

I usually make strawberry sorbet because that’s what we almost always have on hand. But this time I wanted to make a mango sorbet. Mangoes are a perfect cool down fruit. On hot, muggy days in India I would often eat a cold mango from the fridge or drink baaflu (mango drink). (more…)

Fig and Cardamom Tea Cakes (Gluten Free)

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Someday I will have a giant fig tree in my backyard. It’ll produce tons of figs and I’ll be able to just pluck figs off a branch and eat them all summer long. I love the sweet and slightly tangy flavor of figs. And I absolutely love that they’re in season right now. (more…)

Simple Pea Saute (Vatana nu Shaak)

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This dish is a perfect example of how simple and wonderful Indian cooking can be. Last week I needed to come up with a shaak to eat with the gluten-free rotli I posted about, but our pantry was running low and we didn’t have many fresh veggies in the house. It was quite a busy week so I never had a chance to go to the store. I dug around my freezer and found this large bag of peas. (more…)