Raksha Bandhan – A Sibling Holiday


Happy Raksha Bandhan!

It’s Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi), a day to celebrate your siblings. Every Rakhi, I make a bracelet for my brother and tie it on his wrist. The bracelet is supposed to provide protection for a brother in battle. Rakhis were tied to the wrist of warriors when they would go off to battle. The rakhi is a promise of protection from the brother to his sister as well.

The Hundred Foot Journey (Movie Review)

The Hundred Foot Journey

The Hundred Foot Journey captures the rise of Indian influence in the world’s culture. When an Indian family opens a restaurant across the street from her Michelin-starred restaurant in a village in France, Madam Mallory (Helen Mirren) disdainfully dismisses the food of these invaders– it’s much too spicy, she says.

Sholay: A Bollywood Classic

Sholay Movie Poster

Sholay opens to a train arriving at a station leading to a scene of two men riding on horseback across a rocky landscape that could easily be the old American Southwest. Interspersed with the horseback riding are shots of of a village that could also be from that time and place, but for an architectural embellishment here or there that points more specifically to India.

Book Review: “Spices and Seasons” by Rinku Bhattacharya with Spicy Pineapple Lentil Recipe

One of our biggest goals with Indiaphile is to take the mystery out of cooking Indian food. Despite the long, complex history of Indian food, most dishes are no more complicated to make than western dishes. A dosa is no more difficult to make than a pancake. The multitude of vegetable dishes, shaaks as we call them in Gujarati, are pretty easy stir-frys. And making the various dals are a lot like making soup.

The River (1951) Film Review

The River (1951) film poster

“The River” is a weird film. It’s weird for a lot of reasons. It was made in 1951, when experimental films were less familiar. It was made outside of the studio system because the film’s director, Jean Renoir, had fallen out of fashion and couldn’t make the film the way he wanted. For example, he was unable to cast legendary actor Marlon Brando as Captain John, and cast Thomas Breen in his place. Thomas Breen was not a professional actor, but he did have the advantage of having a wooden leg, just like his character.