Ginger Chai Spice Cookies


Cookies are my favorite thing about the holidays. I love to bake them and share them with friends and family. This year I almost didn’t get around to the holiday baking though. Since we spend Thanksgiving and the two following weeks in India, it didn’t even feel like the holidays to me.

Slow Cooker Masoor Dal

Slow Cooker Masoor Dal

Why haven’t we posted in a while? For the simple reason I think most of you are all too familiar. Life gets busy!

Even though I love to cook, it’s been so hard at the end of the day to get it together to make something interesting, and to photograph it, and to write it up. So it only makes sense that my first post after this little unplanned mini-break is a slow cooker recipe!

Potato Sandwiches

Cilantro Chutney

It’s no secret I love Indian street food. Potato sandwiches are definitely one of my favorites, and they are amazingly simple to make at home! Really they are just a step up from grilled cheese sandwiches, but so full of flavor.

Carrot Bhajias (Carrot Fritters)

Carrot Bhajias recipe by

When I opened our CSA box this month the first thing I saw was a huge bunch of green– carrot greens. I normally throw out carrot greens because you pretty much have to use them right away or they dry up and become useless, but with all of these greens I knew I couldn’t let them go to waste.

Raksha Bandhan – A Sibling Holiday


Happy Raksha Bandhan!

It’s Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi), a day to celebrate your siblings. Every Rakhi, I make a bracelet for my brother and tie it on his wrist. The bracelet is supposed to provide protection for a brother in battle. Rakhis were tied to the wrist of warriors when they would go off to battle. The rakhi is a promise of protection from the brother to his sister as well.

Book Review: “Spices and Seasons” by Rinku Bhattacharya with Spicy Pineapple Lentil Recipe

One of our biggest goals with Indiaphile is to take the mystery out of cooking Indian food. Despite the long, complex history of Indian food, most dishes are no more complicated to make than western dishes. A dosa is no more difficult to make than a pancake. The multitude of vegetable dishes, shaaks as we call them in Gujarati, are pretty easy stir-frys. And making the various dals are a lot like making soup.